04 June 2016

Moscow 3-06-2016

Vadim Repin performing in Moscow Red Square on the 3rd June 2016

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06 February 2015

Belgrade, 6-02-2015

Vadim Repin in rehearsal with Belgrade Philharmonic / Gabriel Feltz


13 December 2014

Tokyo, 27&28-11-2014


23 September 2014

Prague, 15-09-2014

Vadim Repin, cellist Jiri Barta and pianist Konstantin Lifschitz performed Tchaikovsky's piano trio in A minor, op. 50 at  Rudolfinium, Prague, on Sep. 15th.

 Photos by  Martin Divíšek

15 September 2014

Pietrasanta. 2-08-2014

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21 April 2014

Kazan, 19-04-2014

Vadim Repin performed Bruch VC1 with Tatarstan National Symp. Orch. and Alexander Sladkovsky

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15 April 2014

Novosibirsk, 12-04-2014

A world Premiere! Vadim Repin, conductor AND soloist in the Shostakovich VC1 with the Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra.

Photos and videos by Tatyana Lomakina